Bristol Myers Squibb - High Containment Suite (New Brunswick, NJ)

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose patient-
first mission focuses on discovery, development and the delivery of innovative medicines. It is a measure of the speed of development in the pharmaceutical industry that, soon after completion of its new Process Research and Development Facility, Bristol-Myers Squibb sought yzc88亚洲城’s services to modify the BSL-3 containment suite to accommodate a change in the processes it supports. Where the Containment Suite was originally designed to handle Band 2 potent compounds, it now handles Band 5.

As prime consultant, and in collaboration with the owner, end-users, architect, and construction team, yzc88亚洲城 designed an engineering-driven space, phasing the design and construction so as to minimize disruption to on-going operations in the rest of the building. Among the solutions yzc88亚洲城 devised are:

• Construction of a Glass Plant, allowing for the initial scale-up of new processes and exploration of the earliest possible preparation of critical API
• Modifications to the four 20-foot-long high containment booths and isolator-type glove boxes and inclusion of 50- and 100-liter reactors.
• Extension of the base building utilities and services to the reactor utility
• Additional variable frequency drive motors for the reactors, new motor
control center, Delta V control system, and UPS power.
• Addition of validated high-pressure nitrogen service and dedicated
vacuum and air exhaust systems with HEPA filtration.

Project Expertise

Vic Guzman
Victor L. Guzman

Technical Statistics

OWNER: Bristol-Myers Squibb
INDUSTRIES: Science & Technology